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THE CHARLOTTE COMMUNITY ASSETS SURVEY promotes community resilience by developing or drawing on local skills, tools, and knowledge that Charlotters have to offer. It’s about re-learning to meet a wide-range of needs in ways that don’t have to be imported from long distances or via high-tech systems that may not be available, affordable, or reliable in a post-petroleum world. It’s also about community-building as we get to know our neighbors better in terms of what we can do for one another. It helps us appreciate better what a friendly, enjoyable, and bountiful place we live in.

The Charlotte Community Assets Survey helps us build up a directory of services, resources, talents, and know-how that is available to anyone in town who is looking for ways to meet a need or satisfy an interest locally.

Survey forms can be obtained by going to the Contact Us page on this site. We are also working on an electronic means of completing the survey form online.  Click this link to read or download a pdf version of the CHARLOTTECOMMUNITYASSETS2012 Directory. We hope to publish an updated directory later in 2013.