Lewis Creek Association

Lewis Creek Association

About LCA 

Lewis Creek doesn’t follow arbitrary town and county lines; gravity, geography, and geology have a greater say in its course. The creek and its tributaries run freely through the watershed towns of Ferrisburgh, Charlotte, Monkton, Hinesburg, Starksboro, and Bristol, and cross the boundary from Chittenden to Addison County.

Since 1990, the Lewis Creek Association (LCA) has been working with these towns and their citizens to protect the Lewis Creek, its tributaries, and the watershed as a whole.

The mission of Lewis Creek Association is to protect, maintain and restore ecological health while promoting social values that support sustainable community development in the Lewis Creek watershed region and Vermont. Through education and action, LCA works to:

  • Restore water quality, stream stability, and native wildlife habitat
  • Protect and restore important and diverse natural areas
  • Conserve productive and scenic lands that contribute to rural character and economy
  • Support growth compatible with important natural systems and working landscapes
  • Strengthen and support local conservation initiatives and opportunities
  • Model active participation and respect for differences

With a hard-working volunteer board and a part-time paid consultant, the LCA offers educational and monitoring programs involving hundreds of volunteers, facilitates the conservation of riparian habitat, and re-vegetates the Lewis Creek stream bank.

We offer adult, youth, and family educational programs, technical training, and informational workshops to area residents. Subjects include water quality, sustainable forestry, wetlands, wildlife habitat & tracking, stream bank stabilization, and land conservation & planning.

To leverage our activities, we cooperate with local landowners; businesses; local, regional, state and federal agencies and organizations.

LCA helps to conserve significant tracts of riparian and upland habitat; and involves hundreds of adults and students with re-vegetating Lewis Creek stream banks, testing water quality, evaluating stream channel stability, restoring natural communities and wildlife habitat, and citizen-based watershed planning.

To learn more visit <www.lewiscreek.org>