Charlotte Repair Café on November 11th–fixing and fun with neighbors

TRANSITION TOWN CHARLOTTE, the Charlotte Grange, the Charlotte Library, and the Charlotte Congregational Church will be co-hosting a “Repair Café” on November 11th at the Charlotte Congregational Church from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It’s not just about fixing and keeping things out of the landfill. It’s also about having fun and getting to know each other as neighbors!

Things that can be repaired by our “fixers” are: clothing, tension on sewing machines, knitted items, small kitchen appliances, lamps, cords and plugs, dull knives and tools, small furniture, garden equipment, and a host of other things that need simple mending, adjusting, or gluing.

Donations to the Charlotte Food Shelf will be appreciated. Coffee and sweets provided for donation, and lunch for sale. RSVP with the items you will bring for repair so we’ll be ready! Click here to RSVP: <>

–Ruah Swennerfelt
Transition Charlotte

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