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Important Factors

in our rapidly changing world

  • Many petroleum scientists believe that global oil production has already reached its inevitable, irreversible peak. This will be followed by rapidly increasing fuel costs and instability in any growth-based economic system.
  • The planet’s average temperature has risen about 1 degree F over the past 50 years, leading to significant alterations in climate patterns and biological systems.  The majority of climate scientists are projecting a further increase of several more degrees by mid-century, leading to major disruptions in Earth’s natural systems. While it is important to take strong action to cut our production of greenhouse gases, the climate will continue to change as a result of past greenhouse gas emissions.
  • According to NASA, we have had the warmest decade (2000-2009) since modern instrumentation began in the 188os. 2012 was, so far, the warmest year on record.
  • The interaction of Climate Change and Peak Oil is already having a dramatic effect on the availability and cost of food produced by globalized and industrialized agriculture.

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