Join us February 28th to continue exploring Hinesburg Transition Initiative

Many of the people doing good work in Charlotte and Hinesburg toward more resilient communities had a fun and fruitful first gathering in January at the Hinesburgh Public House. The gathering, initiated by Transition Town Charlotte, was a chance to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and see where we may prosper together in a post-petroleum future. We will gather again on Wednesday, February 28 and on future 4th Wednesdays, at least through April. Please join us! We hope you will feel inspired to take part, and we’d be honored if you did.

Transition Town Charlotte initiated the idea of these gatherings to explore how we can work together to create resilience in our communities. How can we better know one another and find where our common concerns lie? What can we learn from each other’s successes?

One of the key ways that Transition spreads is through telling inspiring stories, and that’s what we’re doing with this invitation to explore the possibility for a Transition Initiative for Hinesburg. Contact Ruah Swennerfelt with questions at <> or 802-922-3359.

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