Sign-on letter to the governor is now open to everyone–please sign!

Last week, over 160 business owners, nonprofit organizations, faith leaders, farmers, academics, and community representatives across Vermont asked Governor Peter Shumlin to pull his support for additional construction of the Addison Natural Gas Project, and urge the Public Service Board to stop construction at the 11 mile mark.

Signatories to the letter include household names like Ben & Jerry’s, American Flatbread, and SunCommon; beloved local establishments like Vermont Cookie Love and Magnolia Bistro; and leaders like Bill McKibben and David Zuckerman. Now, these people need you to join them and make sure the Governor and the Public Service Board hear the message loud and clear: Spending tens of millions of ratepayers’ dollars to transport more fracked gas through our state is bad for the economy, the climate, and Vermonters. Enough is enough: Stop gas pipeline expansion in Vermont.

Please go to this link to join in asking Governor Shumlin and the Public Service Board to stop gas pipeline construction at 11 miles: You may sign as an individual, of course, but also in the name of a business, organization, or committee if you have the authority.

After you’ve signed, please send the link to all of your lists, groups, and friends and urge them to show the Governor the breadth and depth of our desire to put this pipeline behind us so that we can turn our attention to positive solutions for our state!

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